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When you’re on open seas, having the right process for handling water – below the keel and on board – is essential. With optimal solutions for deoiling and dewatering, Filtration Group meets the requirements for economical and ecologically shipping. The separation and filtration systems from Filtration Group combine maximum efficiency within the smallest space and, already today, meet the standards of tomorrow. A wide-ranging palette of quality products combines quantity and quality in an all-round satisfying result for our customers. As our portfolio has been growing for decades according to customer requirements and our experience, we always have the right product for every type of ship. If not, we will find a solution.


We clear the decks.
On a ship, space is a valuable resource. That’s why at Filtration Group we always follow the principle of “as much as needed, as little as possible” in determining the dimensions of our filter and separation systems. Just as important to us is the unlimited functionality of our products over many sea miles. The clean separation of water and operating fluids ultimately affects two important cycles: the ship’s propulsion and the ecosystem.


Throwing off ballast for the environment
To protect the environment and meet IMO requirements, six ships of a large shipping company in Hamburg were to be equipped with a ballast water system. The Filtration Group designed an OPS-800 system which, guaranteed energy-efficient sterilization & optimum adaptation due to its modular design.

FG coalescer filter elements for high pressure
The latest generation of large common rail engines operates at pressures of up to 2,500 bar. Long test series confirmed that the FG coalescer filter elements are ideally suited for the filtration and dewatering of diesel fuels. Thanks to KFWA system, reliable and fully automatic filtration and water separation onboard is ensured.


Safe on the oceans
On the high seas, ships are exposed to high loads and are heavily used. Transmission failure would lead to the complete stoppage of the ship. The lubrication oil is filtered with Filtration Group duplex filters in combination with Premium Select filter elements. The Premium Select technology ensures a high cleanliness level of the filtration process.


No turning manoeuvre without FG duplex filter
Hydraulically shiftable reversing transmissions enable working vessels such as tugs, fishing cutters, or ferries to perform reversing manoeuvres within a narrow radius. In order to avoid fatal drive failures, lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid, among other things, must be reliably cleaned of dirt particles. Duplex filters from the Filtration Group filter the lubricating oil to a fineness of 25 μm. Thanks to their duplex design, the elements can also be changed under full load.


Strong performance in icy temperatures
In order to keep a shipping channel free in the Gulf of Finland between Tallinn and Helsinki in winter, the two icebreakers “URHO” and “SISU” are used alternately for two weeks on a regular basis. A filter and pump system from the Filtration Group ensures the permanent availability of clean lubricants and fuel, keeping the operating systems running. The combination of five R5-5 backwash filters and pumps from premium partner Rhea MP meets all the required criteria.


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