Full Series of Innovative Filtration Solutions

Do you have contamination in your fluid? What about excess water in your system? Not sure what to do about varnish or rust? HY-Pro Filtration solutions are here to help you.

HY-PRO Filtration specializes in Vacuum Dehydrators, Filter Element Upgrades, Fluid Conditioning Equipment, Varnish Prevention & Removal, Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions, Duplex Filter Assemblies, High-Pressure Filters, Low-Pressure Filters, Fluid Analysis & Monitoring, and Reservoir Accessories

Top HY-PRO Filtration Solutions

hy pro vacuum dehydrator-

HY-PRO VUD Vac-U-Dry Vacuum Dehydrators

Vacuum dehydrators work by heating up the oil while simultaneously drawing a vacuum. When the oil-water mixture is exposed to a vacuum, the boiling point of water is reduced. This allows the water to flash via the heat into vapor, which is then recondensed, to be rejected from the system.

The optimized balance between heat, vacuum, process design and an easy, user-friendly operating system for removal of water and particulate from hydraulic and high viscosity lubricating oils. Equipped with generously sized, high-efficiency filtration, the VUD is the ultimate oil purifier.

Keeping fluids clean and dry extends component and bearing life, increases productivity, minimizes downtime and extends useful fluid life. The VUD is ideal for removal of all forms of water, including free, emulsified and dissolved water and gas from hydraulic and lubricating oils.

hy pro varnish removal-

HY-PRO SVR Soluble Varnish Removal

Varnish contamination is the inevitable by-product of many processes in hydraulic and lubrication systems. The effects of varnish industrial and manufacturing systems range from the nuisance of minor downtime and routine maintenance to, worst-case scenarios, multi-million dollar catastrophic failure of major capital equipment.

SVR is a complete recovery and maintenance solution for mineral-oil based turbine lubricants.  SVR targets and removes the dissolved varnish pre-cursors which are the cause of varnish.  By removing these waste oxidation by-products, you restore the oil’s original solvency properties which forces any solid varnish deposits to be dissolved back into the oil where they are removed permanently.


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